Building a furniture catalog that can be made on X-Carve?

Has anyone built any furniture with their X-Carve?

I came across this site from some other posts on this forum Opendesk and then I met the people from At Fab at Maker Faire NYC.

At Inventables we recently made a version of this chair on the X-Carve. I thought it was pretty cool.

What do you think about this type of furniture?

Anyone have pics of furniture projects they have made?

These posts are very cool and @PhilJohnson pointed out we have another whole forum thread on making furniture from last year.

I’d like to start a new category on the projects page that includes only furniture. If you want your furniture included please create a project page with some nice pictures and links to your Easel files.

If you can add instructions and the bill of materials you get bonus points.


I have created some parametric small pieces on the x-carve

but I do like the cnc chic furniture

Here is a book of joints you might find useful and even more useful if you can speak german lol


Did you design the second and third ones?

yes I designed from scratch the second one and well on the third one no but I did take the original design and modify it

That’s amazing.

Would you be willing to share the Easel files?

I did not cut them through easel unfortunately

Designed in

Autodesk Fusion 360

I sliced and parted in

Autodesk Slicer For Fusion 360

Test Fit in

Autodesk Fusion 360

Nested and exported gcode in

V-carve Pro

and Sent to machine via

universal gcode sender

lol now what I can do if you are interested you might have to give me some time to find the files (this was awhile ago)

but I do have the svg files that you could import the pieces into Easel I will also have to give you the exact thickness of stock that I used because you might need to modify it for your stock as the joints are super picky with there size when making it


here is the svg files for the circle 1

Stock I used was.223"

“non commercial use please”

Here is some other ones I designed just never cut just playing around lol

![circle 2 modified 1|584x500](upload://nIymd8bOtJUIPZrbFnRPAGE4iyF.

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@WorkinWoods would you be willing to import the files into an Easel project?


here you go


A few of those are just “…wow!”
Thank you for sharing!!

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on my to do list

and this is also very cool:

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One of my favorite projects is a “Kitchen Helper” for my daughter to use. The panels and rails were cut out with a CNC, the extra fancy legs were made with a bandsaw and hand chisels to make pockets for the tenons on the rails.

I also needed a standing desk after switching jobs to a place that didn’t want to provide it, I made one for the office and a wider one for my home. I took a hacksaw to the front of my machine to get all the way into the corners of my work area for this project.


Oh man that kitchen helper is awesome. I had not thought about making one on an X-Carve. Wow. What kind of wood is that?

The legs are from 2x4s, the side panels are 3/4" plywood and the rails were cut out of pine boards. This was almost entirely from scrap material because my wife was planning to paint it (which she did after I took the photos). I really like the idea of using the CNC to augment traditional woodworking.

For instance making these rails probably would have been the most tedious part of this project with typical woodworking tools, but using a CNC they were the easiest:

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@PhilJohnson well that’s embarrassing. I noticed it was in the prop making section so I moved it into projects. Lots of good stuff in that one too.

I think both of these threads on the forum pretty much answer the question that a lot of furniture is being made. I’m going to change the focus of this thread to be on making a catalog section of the projects that is exclusively for furniture.


Wait you sleep?


@WorkinWoods can you please confirm what is the size of the material in your design?

OK I put some of the furniture together into a category

Who has some they want to add to the catalog?


hey zach I used .223" thick material in that particular design in the easel file I made