Building an R2D2 from scratch

Thought I would post an update, Here is my completed R2D2 at the 501st Press Conference.

The two guys in front of the large check are the actual puppeteers of BB8 in the last movie. They even signed inside of the back panel of my R2!!

One more note, from start to finish, it took 15 Months to complete my R2.


I have had the pleasure of helping Steve with his R2 at another event and it is over the top fantastic!
At Dragoncon this past weekend, R2 and company received true rock star treatment.


what app did you use to lay-out the carvings?

There is a robot club where I am that has one guy come over and he build a working life like R2D2.
I could get you his info. Also there is a robot builder club. I used to know Jerry who built one as well and it looked like the one in the movie.

I have not had a way to build stuff as I am still in transit from a room to a house with space for such projects.

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I just saw this thread - that is my R2 at Maker Faire in 2015…lol…

I am TheHobbyGuy on Astromech.


R2 get together, world famous r2la


Here is a recent frame I cut for another R2 Builder.

All the designs were done in V-Carve Pro and carved on the x-carve 1000x1000.


And here are the Legs.


V-Carve Pro

What about an adapter kit for a Roomba? :sunglasses:

Plans are free, at r2builders club. “”


if i build one that would be the first thing it would do lol

heck with the roomba!!

I signed yup :snake:

From DroidCon 2018… Lots of cool R2, BB8 and mouse droids.