Building an X Carve - Tutorials with more in depth info?

So as i’m scolling through trouble shooting problems i see some of ya’ll having (i’m trying to read up on problems that can arise after cutting some jobs). I noticed someone said to use blue Loctite on ALL screws you put in? Is this true? I haven’t seen any suggestions like that in the instructions for builds.

-So i’m just wondering if theres a tutorial video or something out there that would instruct a build with more in depth info to lower chances of belt slips, nuts coming loose, stuff like that.

-I’ve also noticed a lot of guys on here are always upgrading their bolts to stronger ones. Is there some nuts/bolts/screws that i should upgrade straight from the get go?

-And lastly, I purchased an upgraded Z Axis from cnc4newbies. What steps should i skip if i’m not putting on the z axis inventables supplied me with?

Any help would be great, thanks dudes!


No. The only change you can choose to make is to switch to stainless steel if you feel like you need it.

Probably the Z Axis steps…

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Watch the videos by the New Brit Workshop, they helped me.

Wouldn’t Titanium screws be stronger?

You call it overkill, I call it moving the weakest link :grin:

Grade 12 bolts


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Not about strength. Stainless is for corrosion purposes as Angus stated.

If you’re breaking screws, you’re doing something wrong.

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and if you are screwing brakes, then you are positively doing something wrong…

Ok bob, well thanks for assuming i dont have mechanical knowledge as well :wink:

CNC is not new to me, building one is. I’d be failing if i didnt ask questions imo

I guess what im trying to get of this, is what regular maintenance should be done to the machine? What are common issues to come with carving with belt driven cnc’s? The machine i’m comfortable on is a 48x96 table, ball screw (i think thats the correct term) with Nema 350’s i believe. So going to a belt driven CNC will be different for me.

lol! Cool robert, thats what i wanted to know! I know what to look for on my big machine, but going to belt driven has made me wonder what to look for. Thanks!

That all depends on how much a person wants to upgrade their machine. There are upgrades for every axis, and each one improves the machine in some way. And yes, if someone made a carbon fiber X-axis I would be (at least) reading about it and weighing the option of integrating it into my machine (depending on cost of course).