Building parts out of sequence

Hey guys, got my x-carve 1000 a few days ago, and started assembling it. I did not buy the wasteboard, but decided to make my own for cost reasons. my question is this. I’ve been following along with the instructions and am about to start the wiring. I noticed that assembling the rails to the wasteboard is even after the wiring. Just wondering if there was a specific reason for that or If I could do that first. then put the x-carve on top of it. I don’t have a lot of room to work with and am worried about moving all the assembled rails around while trying to put the work area together. Was wondering if I did that if it would screw up how something comes together afterwards.

Thanks guys

I made my own wasteboard, and I assembled the rails first, then the wasteboard.

What I should have done was assembled the wasteboard with frame first, then the rails, then place the rails on to the frame.
I only suggest this order because I ran out of workspace for both!
It’s a hassle to move a giant assembly of rails out of the way so you can build your wasteboard and frame.

I would do the waste board assembly first then do the rest of the machine. When I assembled mine I thought the waste board assembly was out of place and should have been done much sooner in there order.

Yes, you can do it that way. Things to look out for:

  • needing to adjust the dimensions of the wasteboard parts slightly — don’t tighten things too much
  • dinging the wastebard by dropping a sharp part on it
  • misplacing a part underneath the wasteboard
  • getting oil on the MDF

ok so this seems fairly common to build the work area first then assemble the rails on top, my question is why they do it that way in the instructions, there must be a reason, just trying to figure that out.

Thanks again guys!