Bump Stop/Corner Bracket Template

Hey guys, I just cut out a quick bump stop guide that could be combined together to make a corner piece as well.

Here is the Easel link if you want to check it out.

And if you didn’t know the distance between holes on the wasteboard on the X axis is slightly larger than the y:

X-Axis Hole Distance = 72.5 mm
Y-Axis Hole Distance = 70.8 mm


Hi Brandon, just wanted to confirm with you - are the hole distances you provided from the center of each hole or edge-to-edge?

Many thanks,

@TimothyWood1 Those are measured on center.

Thanks v. much, Neil. Feel free to use the rulers attached. Should work on any laser including GlowForge, and sets up nicely on the X-Carve Pro. Once fixed in place on your wasteboard just dial in your X-Y start position, and reuse it each time.

X-Carve Pro Bump Stop Imperial Decimal Ruler 10-8x20
X-Carve Pro Bump Stop Imperial Fractional Ruler 10x18 MADE FOR GLOWFORGE

According to the Inventables wasteboard drawings, the X and Y hole spacing is 75mm.


My mistake, just realized this was the XCP forum :blush:

75mm for the 1000mm XCarve - the Pro has the weird spacings.

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