Bump Stop Question

When making a bump stop in Easel do you set it to fill, outside, inside, or on the line? When I cut my square for my bump stop the X and Y are off by half the width of the bit I used.

Edit: I’ve just been subtracting that amount from the placement of my material for a while and I figured I’d fix it once and for all.

how are you placing the bit to the material?

If you are always off by half the width of the bit on both the X and Y axis then it sounds like you have the datum a the center of the bit.

if it was any other way then every time you changed bit size it would need a different bump stop to accommodate the new width of the bit you are using.

Am I missing something.

It depends on how you’re designing/cutting your stop.

The way I’d cut my bump stop (still on my list) would be to make a rectangle that once cuts, leaves the bump stop itself (leaves an L shaped piece of material), so since I’d cut the rectangle being removed, I’d use inside on that rectangle.

If your rectangle IS your bump stop, you want outside the path since you want the entire width left behind.

I’m off by 1/8" always because I did my bump stop with a 1/4" bit.

I used G28 to set my work zero and that’s where it was set when I did my bump stop. That’s where I start it at the beginning of every carve.

I saw that in my searching the forums. I didn’t do that because the bit I used for the bump stop was bigger than any bit I use to carve (1/4").

Is it because I’m using lines on my easel file instead of a box?

Here’s what I’ve got in Easel.

Here’s what I’d do but only because I want space in the corner to put my Triquetra 3-axis block:

It’s your line placement. Move your vertical line to 0.125" X and the horizontal to 0.125" Y and it’ll do what you want.

But as Robert said, you’d want to put a circle that you’d carve out at 0,0 so that your board doesn’t hit a round edge.

I don’t believe the project was shared publicly.

I’ll double check on it.

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Doh! Forgot to click the “Save” button after getting the link:

And, here’s a great tip: If you enter the URL into your reply and it doesn’t load the preview, it’s not shared publicly.

Just figured that out.

Awesome, thanks!