Burr Problem with Flag

Hello Everyone. Trying my first project today after reading a lot and doing lots of test cuts. I am trying to cut stars in Birch using a 60 degree bit and a I am getting a burr on the edge all the way around. It is not a clean engrave… Router is set to 1. Am I using wrong wood? Wrong bit? Too slow. Thanks for the help

looks pretty good! maybe hit it with some 0000 steel wool

Birch ply will do that. A toothbrush will get most of it off and hit it with sandpaper or steel wool

Thanks sorry I’m new. What type of wood will not leave a burr after I engrave? I’ll definitely try those fixes to this

I have some videos on it. I use premium pine. https://youtu.be/8-TKJX2COPE

Most woods will do that. We all have to clean up our edges after a carve; just another part of the experience.

It would be nice if someone made a down cut V bit.

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Thank you so much. I switched to Pine and it was a huge difference.


I have another question. Do you have any tips or videos for engraving badges? I am trying to cut this one using maple Do I use multiple bits to cut it or just one? whats the typical depth to cut it? Thanks for your help.