Business Model

I have a design for a product that I think I can sell for a good profit. But I have only one X-Carve machine. What about the idea of making an online store at something like or Amazon, and selling it, but getting other people with X-Carves to help make it?

I would order the materials (1" thick HDPE) and a few parts, have it directly shipped from the supplier to the home of another X-Carve or Carvey owner, they can cut it, do a little trimming, and as I get orders, they can ship the product out directly to the customer. I would pay for all shipping, including boxes. How much of the profit they get to keep will be up for negotiation.

Would the management of this forum allow me to recruit such associates here? How much interest might there be?


Think about the idea of creating a marketplace, where you could be both a seller and an owner and attract other sellers with X-Carves. It’s easier than it looks and doesn’t require any competencies in IT or creating your own service. If your idea is good, then everything will definitely work!.

do you have everything worked out like feeds and speeds and bits. if so I mite be interested
in doing this with you. I have a X-CARVE 1000 BY 1000 is that big enuf? if so my email is by the way i live i Minnesota

I bought an XCarvePRO looking to start a business. I would be very interested in some collaboration effort such as you are discussing. I see that this is a three year old post. Any forward movement on this??