Buttons for zooming the 3D preview

I’m loving the newer updates with larger material area being shown in the right screen. After seeing another issue troubleshooting hole drilling here on the forums, I opened one of my projects that has a bunch of red areas that need adjusting.

One thing that I can’t seem to do (not sure if it’s me missing something, or a feature request) - I can’t really zoom on the material preview.

Using the 1000mm machine size on a 24" x 24" material, it’s zoomed out to the point where I can’t really get in there and see what’s red and causing the problem.

Can we zoom in from a “top down” style view in the material preview? If so, how?

You can zoom the 3D preview by scrolling with your mousewheel (or trackpad). You can orbit the camera by clicking/dragging the mouse and you can pan the camera by clicking and dragging while holding the shift key (alternatively, clicking and dragging with the right mouse button).

Does that help?

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Scroll wheel doesn’t do anything on my machine (Win 7, Chrome 42.0.2311.90).

Any chance we could get plus/minus buttons like the working area on the left?

I think that is a good idea about the plus/minus buttons.

Are you using a desktop or a laptop? A mouse or a trackpad? I’m flummoxed about why the scroll wheel wouldn’t be working for you though (just to be certain, you are hovering over the right hand panel while scrolling right?)

(btw I’m going to add ‘feature request’ to the title of your post so that we can easily see it)

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Thanks Paul.

I’m using a laptop with a Microsoft wireless mouse. The pad and thumb button are both disabled.

I can click and drag and rotate the piece just fine. But the scroll doesn’t seem to do anything. It looks like maybe it’s jiggling a bit, but certainly not enough to see a “zoom” in either direction.

Could be a mouse issue I guess. But I think having buttons would make both sides look and act the same way, which is great for user experience.

Also you might try and go to your mouse settings and make sure the scroll wheel is set to default, and that your driver is the most current. That was my problem anyways…

I absolutely agree Alan. This is on our development radar. I’ll keep this thread posted when we have updates.

I’d like to register my vote for plus and minus buttons too. It works so well in the design view, it just makes sense to replicate it in preview as well.

Is there any outcome from this? I don’t have a scroll on my mouse and would like to have a method to zoom in/out of the preview window.

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Does anyone know if there is any more thought on this? Buttons on the preview side would be great, I use my Ipad for a lot of designing.

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I just want to add if you’re using a track pad (ie: like on a Macbook Pro), you can use a two finger swipe motion up or down to zoom in the preview window. Using that, and Shift to drag and Fn to zoom around makes previewing fast and easy.