Buy a 1000 or upgrade my 750

Hello, I am extremely new to CNC and the Xcarve. I scored an excellent deal on a lightly used 750 with a bunch of extra items. Over the last year, I have enjoyed using it and learning from y’all. I have been considering upgrading to a 1000, but I’m not necessarily sure that I need a machine any bigger than I currently have. But I figured if a good deal came up I would buy one/upgrade.

Well I recently seen that the Black Friday sale has the upgrade kit for my current CNC at a great price.

So my question is, should I spend the money to upgrade my 750 or should I save the money and consider buying a new or already upgraded 1000?

Thanks in advance for any advice. Happy Thanksgiving!

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What kind of projects do you make? If you are making smaller items there isn’t really a benefit to the larger machine.

Thanks, Zach. So far, they have been smaller projects. But you make a great point. That gives me something to think on. Thanks again

Ya…I highly recommend the upgrade on sale for Black Friday but if you are doing smaller projects it’s better to have a smaller machine because the longer the gantry of the same diameter the more deflection.


I upgraded my shapeoko2 to a 750 x 1000 X carve. You can buy new 1000mm makerslide (50 bucks) to make it longer if you would like more length. I think having stiffeners in the middle of that longer span is an advantage to that length to add rigidity.

MakerSlide - Black Anodize - 5M Tapped | Inventables

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Zach, Thanks again!

Martin, That’s a great idea as well. Thanks

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