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I hope this section is the right place to ask this question. I’ve been planning of getting into CNC manufacturing in small scale (as a hobby) for some time and thinking of getting an X-Carve.

While the price of the X-Carve is quite reasonable, i need to consider the shipping cost and the customs tax when ordering. Thus i need to keep my configuration to a bare minimum and get everything else locally.

So here’s my config:

Choose your model: Core components (i dont have a shapeoko)
Machine Size: 500mm rail kit.
Z-Axis Lead Screw: ACME kit.
Waste Board: None (Huge cost on shipping can be supplied locally)
Stepper Motors: None (NEMA23 can be supplied locally, i don’t know if i should order anything special other than the pulleys tho.)
Spindle: None (i’ll start off with my dremel first.)
Motion Controller: None (Can get the gShield locally, got couple of UNOs lying around. do i need anything else?)
Power Supply: None (Can get locally, what should be the minimum wattage?
Drag Chain: None (Can be supplied locally)
Wiring: 500mm wiring kit.
Limit Switches: None
Tool kit, spindle accessories, accessories: None.

Do you think i am missing something that might cause me to knock myself on the head and go “should’ve been ordered from inventables!” later?

Thanks for the help.

You should be able to purchase 4 conductor alarm wire locally so you don’t need to purchase the wiring

Take this with a grain of salt but… My two cents… I have heard around the forum about having underpowered spindles… If you are new to CNCing, I would say go with the dewalt 611 to start off with. I think the dremel could lead to some unnecessary frustration. Totally understand if you don’t do it though, just my thoughts…


I would also agree to start right away with the Dewalt 611. Just get the Dewalt 611 locally if possible but go ahead and order the mounting kit for the 611, otherwise you’ll have to craft your own mount for your dremel before you can use your x-carve.

Like you, I made my own waste board to save on shipping. I just made a video about it, It might help you when making your waste board, although mine was the 1000mm version. Video can be found here:

You should also get a bunch of the t-slot nuts so you can fasten your wasteboard.

As @kirbre said, if you don’t order the wasteboard kit you need a couple bags of tnuts , some M5 20mm bolts, and the threaded inserts of course. The rest comes with the rail kit I believe.

Thanks for all the great suggestions.

I would order the old 52mm spindle mount for the dremel but it comes in a different package than the main xcarve kit so i decided that i would 3d print it after some modifications to make it sturdier.

I can get Makita spindles here as an alternative to 611.

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That’s about how I ordered mine. As others have said, you don’t need the wiring kit. I would maybe suggest the 1000 by 1000 kit though. Shipping won’t be that much more, the cost difference isn’t that great, but the size difference is. Since there is about 200mm that can’t be used on either kit, the extra 500mm is 500mm of workspace, giving almost three times the workspace.