Buying new bits

We accident broke both 1/16 bits we ordered with our machine, I was wondering if there’s other options for buying bits that size else where because it’s so much for shipping on here

Elaborate on what kind of material/type of carve you are intending to use, this will help narrowing down suggestions :slight_smile:

I mean amazon sells end-mills as well. They don’t have the helpful color coded plastic stops, but you can get very high-quality end-mills for whatever shipping Amazon charges (or if you are amazon prime - free). I buy not only my x-carve end-mills there quite often (although I do like some of the inventables ones as well) and for my Tormach. I just ordered some Amana spektra coated end-mills for my x-carve from amazon. (1/8). Pro tip: always buy 2 of every size because they do break, and you’re dead in the water unless you have a spare.

And and second pro tip: if you break an end mill (other than an obvious homed through a clamp) you should stop and rethink your settings or you will just break another in the same way.