Buying The Best Power Supply

I’m looking into buying a really good (high end) power supply soon. Is there a formula to figure out the wattage / amperage I should be getting? So far it looks like I’ll be using a Gecko G540 with Nema 23 - 2.8A 269oz. motors.

Remember the G540 can only handle 50 VDC. So a 48VDC power supply with probably 600 watts or more if you like.
I think the 269 oz motors want more than 48 VDC for max speed but 48 VDC will be fine. For the max voltage of the stepper motor is 32 * SQRT (L) = VMAX where L = stepper motor mh.

I am running the 269oz motors with a 48v 12.5 amp power supply with the Gecko G540 and a G251 running a 5th motor and I have plenty of power. I have run the motors at 1000IPM on rapids and 250IPM roughing passes in hard woods. Not even a stutter, nothing but smooth movement.

How high can the wattage go? How much headroom should I have?

I was looking at this one:

It looks similar to the specs quoted by Erik so I feel much better about getting it now.

Thanks Erik for posting that.

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That’s the exact same one I bought from Amazon.

I ordered this last night for the Super-PID.

My power supply is the Mean Well PSP-600-48.

I highly recommend meanwell power supplies. I’ve purchased hundreds of them for my work and several for personal projects. Zero have failed. Also almost all have been purchased from TRC electronics they’re customer service is great.

LOL :grinning: Yes it’s the nicest one I’ve come across so far, although I’m going to compare the specs with the one that Erik posted.

How noisy is the fan? I read stuff from a couple of people who said it was fairly loud.

I’ve looked at a lot of power supplies, and they seem to be the best designed and built. It’s good to hear that TRC has great customer service.

Just a heads up… There are a TON of fake Mean Well PSU’s being sold online (Amazon, Ebay… etc). Make sure you buy from a reputable seller.

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Thanks Brian, I was going to buy it from Amazon but maybe now I’ll just get it straight from TRC.

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