Bye bye xcarve. :-(

Well, last night there was an electrical fire in my shop and it all burned to the ground. There’s nothing even recognizable of my xcarve anymore.

I talked with my insurance company about this very issue. They stated the coverage I have will cover the machine if something happened within the garage. I was thankful to hear that. Sorry to see. Hope you are able to rebuild soon.

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Thats great to know.

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully nobody was injured and insurance takes care of the rest.

That really bites, I hope get back to normal soon.


Sorry to hear that.

When I was about 10 yrs old, my neighbors house burned down. I have been afraid of that my whole life. I even dream about it sometimes.

Wow sorry to hear that man!! Sucks about the machine :frowning:

Bummer. Best wishes.

Ugh that blows man… sorry to hear about that. glad you are alright though

I’ll be going through my insurance first.


Sucks brother - sorry

Sad. Please keep us all posted as you recover your losses. Happy there was no personal injury.

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Well, that certainly blows…

From a more optomistic view, once the ashes are cleaned up and insurance comes through, (hopefully)
you can look forward to making the new shop be just what you want, taking into account all the things that you did not like or just did not get the desired experience from with the old one. In much clearer terms, you can make the new shop fit you and your style rather than adapting yourself to what was already there.

Best wishes.

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So sorry brother!

Thanks for all the support. I just finally wrapped up with all of the insurance adjuster’s, so now we wait and see what the award will be. So far, this is all that I have found of the

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That sounds like a rock ballad title.

also @TinKirFX I hope all goes well with the rebuild!


Looks like you found another Antikythera mechanism.


I had to Google that :blush:

sand blast prime and new paint should look as new

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I thought about doing that with anything that looked semi decent. Making some kind of wall of fame for the old tools.