Bye Easel, It Was Fun While It Lasted

I’ll miss you. You were a useful tool that helped me get going with my X-Carve, and I wish I could keep using you. Unfortunately, the one machine that I possess (but don’t own) which I can install you on properly seems to have developed an allergy to its USB ports. Complains about them, “using too much power”, or some such thing and then disables them. And while I could go and figure out what’s wrong with the machine, the 7 year old Thinkpad running Ubuntu connects just fine to the Arduino. And really, I should give the Thinkpad a chance, don’t you think? After all, I’d been saving it to run the X-Carve anyhow. So farewell Little Buddy. Send me a card if you ever drop into Linux-land and I’ll check you out again. In the meantime, I guess I have a perfect excuse to figure out UGS. Nothing like necessity to prompt one to action, I suppose.

I don’t really like or use linux for anything besides embedded stuff but I don’t get why nobody has ported the little thing that allows Easel to talk with the cnc. It seems really simple to do


Check this thread that mentions a third party effort to make Easel available to Linux.

Thanks Larry. I’ll go check it out.