Cabinetmaker - Bug Report 03/21

Hi all,

We wanted to let everyone know that we are aware of a bug with the cabinet design software. A recent change to migrate a class of data has unfortunately introduced a bug for a number of existing cabinet projects. New projects are not affected by this bug.

We have identified the source of the issue and our developers are currently working on a fix. We expect to have corrected the bug and restored functionality for all cabinet projects by the end of the day tomorrow, and we will let you all know if that changes.

If you have an existing project which will not load, this will be corrected as soon as possible.
If you have an existing project which loads the box material at 0" thickness, you may correct the thickness to the appropriate value. This change will save and the cabinet(s) will have the correct specified material thickness moving forward.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you all for your patience and support. We’ll reach out with another update as soon as possible!

Hi all!

Thank you for your patience. Our developers were able to deploy a fix to the bug mentioned above. You should find that all of your cabinet projects are functional at this time.

For cabinet projects that were created before yesterday, 03/21, we reverted the material thickness for the box materials to 0.750". If that is not the intended box material thickness for any of your cabinet projects, you can reopen the project in the I-Designer view and change the material thickness and any other features that you would like. Your changes will be saved to the project and will be retained when you close and reopen the project.

As mentioned, all cabinet software users should be able to access all of their existing cabinet projects. Your edits to these projects will be saved. New projects created after yesterday morning were not affected by this bug, only projects that existed before yesterday morning were affected. Please check any projects that may have been affected and feel free to adjust the box material thickness if 3/4" is not your specified thickness for that project/cabinet.

Thank you again for your patience and support! Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.