Cabinetry Software Updates - Week of 2/24/2023

We plan to share weekly updates with our early cabinetry software users to share the developments that have been made and those which are in progress. Details from this week are below:

Upcoming Developments

  • Add an option for back panel stretchers
  • Investigate post-processing options for alternative CNC controllers
  • Enable Project-level cabinetry defaults
  • Allow users to specify custom drawer/shelf material
  • Split out cabinet BOM by material type and thickness
  • Revise shelf pin hole spacing (System 32 holes)
  • Adjust blind dado geometry to be compatible with 1/2" diameter bits
  • Include floor and wall planes in cabinet rendering
  • Enable nesting/optimization settings and parameters (spacing between nested shapes, margin around workpiece, stock material size)
  • Account for grain direction by generating rectangular shapes with length oriented along the y-axis

In Progress

  • Apply default settings to new cabinets created from the Cabinets - Project modal
  • Include additional options for cabinet back panels (custom back panel thickness & back panel overlay/inset/dado construction options)
  • Enable unit-switching (mm/inches)
  • Add locking-rabbet drawer construction option
  • Prepare for multi-cabinet rendering (viewing all cabinets in a project rendered together)
  • Update nesting/optimization algorithm
  • Exploration of algorithms to generate cut lists for non-CNC manufacturing

Released this week

  • Add toggle to make toe kick optional on lower cabinets
  • New cabinet type available: Frameless Lower w/ Drawers
  • Drawer faces added to lower cabinets with drawers
  • Enable copying cabinet projects
  • Research nesting/optimization algorithms

Please feel free to reach out in this thread if you have questions, comments, or feedback related to this update. Have a great weekend and happy carving!