Cabinetry Software Updates - Week of 3/03/2023

Upcoming Developments

  • Include floor and wall planes in cabinet rendering
  • Ensure “same as box material” functionality
  • Add an option for back panel stretchers
  • Investigate post-processing options for alternative CNC controllers
  • Enable toggle 4x4 vs 4x8 for stock size of materials
  • Account for grain direction by generating rectangular shapes with length oriented along the y-axis
  • Enable nesting/optimization settings and parameters (spacing between nested shapes, margin around workpiece, stock material size)

In Progress

  • Enable Project-level cabinetry defaults
  • Split out cabinet BOM by material type and thickness
  • Review application and persistance of default settings
  • Revise shelf pin hole spacing (System 32 holes)
  • Enable Blind Dado calculations to account for bit width in addition to material thickness
  • Retain cabinet placement on reloading (multi-cabinet projects)
  • Render cabinet shelves with material texture
  • Allow users to specify custom drawer/shelf material
  • Include additional options for cabinet back panels (custom back panel thickness & back panel inset & dado construction options)
  • Improvements to the Nesting calculations window

Released this week

  • Make cabinet property sections collapsible with an accordion
  • Functionality for multi-cabinet rendering (viewing all cabinets in a project rendered together)
  • Enable unit-switching (mm/inches)
  • Bug fixes
  • Add locking-rabbet drawer construction option
  • Update nesting/optimization algorithm
  • Exploration of algorithms to generate cut lists for non-CNC manufacturing

Please feel free to reach out in this thread if you have questions, comments, or feedback related to this update. Have a great weekend and happy carving!

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