Cable/Drag Chain

I left off the cable chain from my order, thinking I could print it, but, it looks like it may take a long time.

What is the size of the chain used?

Inside height: 15mm
Inside width: 20mm
Bend Radius: 38mm
500mm machine: 27 links with ends
1000mm machine: 51 links with ends

Here’s a link to the CAD files.


I’m not seeing anything at that link relating to the chain. Is there a document that lists the various part numbers and descriptions?

We have this data sheet on the drag chain. This link should take you to the assembly file. If you mouse over each object it will give you the part number.

Thanks. Link needs a login.

It’s a free login. We decided to post them at Grab CAD because it’s a really nice interface for viewing and organizing the files and it’s free.

Unfortunately creating a free login is the only way to access them.

Oh, thanks. I didn’t know that.


I looked through ALL of those files and i found the drag chain mounting links, the brackets… all of it BUT an individual drag chain link…

Is there anyway which you can make a .step /.x3g file (3D print file for those of you who are reading and don’t know) for an individual link and make it available on grab cad? As simple as it seems to design and create myself, I would much prefer an Inventables design over my own. trying to keep it as OEM as possible.

If not I thought i would share this one on thingiverse which works O.K (some issues with the links binding when folded a bit too much) with a shapeoko 2: “3D Printable Drag Chain Link”

We use a commercial drag chain. It would not be appropriate for us to provide files for 3D printing.

Many people use links found on thingiverse with success.

Hi @ajbadner the exact drag chain links we provide in the X-Carve kit are purchased from a 3rd party supplier. Those links are not open source.

Is it really worth 3d printing these links? It seems like the time it would take, the material it would use and the power consumption together would be far more expensive then to just buy something that’s readily on the market.

“The file you listed has been deleted, cannot be found, or you do not have access.”
That’s the message I get after I sign into grabcad, come back here and click on the link.
I’ve got drag chain, I just need to know if 15x20 is going to work, or if I need to buy the 15x30, and what do any brackets or other hardware look like.