Cache Detail Preview and paths

Would like to see where the detail view and paths are cached. There are some files that I do that take a while to render the image and then render the paths, sometimes 15 to 20 minutes. When I get ready to carve, it goes through the whole process while the spindle is spinning and idle.


what is a problem like that caused by in technical terms?


It is not really a problem, just a performance feature. I import a complex SVG from Inkscape that may not as simplified as normal for quick rendering and paths. Easel can handle it, though it takes time. But when you reopen a project, it goes through the process of a detail rendering. You get ready to carve, it goes through the process of calculating paths. If the project can be locked and the rendering and patch can be cached, this would save a lot of wait time just for the opening of an existing project, and then carving.

The Re-render of the Detail view also happens when you’re trying to make changes to a design.
Example… I click “Detailed Preview” and don’t like something little so go to the design and click on the object I want to move or alter… there is a definite , noticeable lag after making an adjustment while the preview is resetting the render. This only happens on the first change AFTER clicking the “detailed preview” button and is only really noticeable on large detailed pieces (as far as I have been able to test), but as stated above, that lag also has the effect of causing the spindle to wait (while running).

For the business model they n now speak of that is considered inefficient.
Time wasted is money lost.
But most of us are hobby users.
I was perfectly happy with the previous rendering of the tool paths. I clearly showed the area of carve and rapid moves. So I knew where not to place clamps with out increasing Z clearance.
I think the animation they have added time between pressing carve and when it actually starts.
I am curious if a relay would help reduce the unnecessary run time of my router?
Would the controller turn on the spindle immediately or wait till machine decided to leave work zero?


I really think that for the extra time required to render/calculate in Easel

you might think about just exporting your gcode and using a gcode sender like universal gcode sender

it much faster than easel

and really cnc machines need to use a stand alone computer running 1 program like UGS and not connected to the internet

that will provide the most stable solution imo

I wish there was a way to cancel or turn off the automatic Detail view update. Resize one element and the whole process starts over again.