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Back to the original post about Fusion 360. In the CAM post processing there is a Generic GRBL that is written by Fusion 360, and now that I think of it the two carves that were the worst using F360 came using this. I did a carve today of a small piece I needed for a quadcopter camera holder. I went back to using the Inventables F360-easel, and it cut w/o a problem.

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Hello, RichMasci.
How did you clone the Y axis? Did you solder the clone jumper below the shield? Can you send more pictures of the connections between protoneer shield and external drivers? And what external driver is this? Thanks in advance.

The Y slave motor only require three signals, Step+ / Direction+ / Enable+. The remaining three negative wires can share GND.

From the Arduino you only need to split those three positive (+) signals for Y salve.

Sorry it took me a month to view this…

Yes I did solder the pins to clone the y axis. I’ve since moved on from protoneer as it didn’t give me what I wanted in terms of using Easel. To use Easel you have to have the Arduino connected via USB and Protoneer uses a serial port. So what I have now is a program that runs a modified Easel driver, that connects to a Raspberry Pi which is connected via USB to an Arduino. The Arduino has a hat that enabled me to connect to the parallel port of a Mach3 4 axis controller. If you still want more details let me know. I don’t use my xcarve very much, but easel works wonderfully as well as other CNC software such as cncjs.