Calculating the volume of material to be removed

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to calculate the volume of the material to be removed from a carve?

I’m doing some resin work and want to make sure I mix enough of it to fill my carving, which is text, not a box or a simple polygon.

It would awesome if this were in Easel.

so its not a function of easel

but i know that you could do it mathematically if you know the formulas to use

but i do know that it is a function of programs like fusion 360

Fill carve with salt or fine dry sand then collect salt/sand and get your measurement water will also work and gets the measurement dead on but only if the wood is well sealed.

Weigh the wood before and after carving.


salt or fine dry sand

This is the winner. I contemplated using water, but I didn’t even consider using a solid. Sometimes the most simple of solutions can escape you! Thanks.

Happens to me all the time.

Another option: If you share your file/artwork and cut depth I’ll mock it up in SolidWorks and give you your volume.

I know this thread is long past, 5yrs, but didn’t know if there was any thought to adding this to Easel Pro?