Calibrate xcarve axeses with dial indicator

use this tool to test your axeses x,y, and z movments and calcuilate $100,$101,$102 value
first test your x axes by send 0,5 inch +x , xcarve move and hit the indicator, write what the indicator show (like 0.43 inch)
then do this formula 0.5/0.43=1.163
go to your program at $100 and change 40 to 46.512 and send it to your machine
this is an example numbers and it dependes on your machine test
do to other axes y and z
try to fix the indicator when the axes move
do many test before write on your program

Short travel distances don’t give very good results for calibration of the axes. Ideally you would want to move the maximum distance on an axis and measure the error. Make your correction. Repeat until you get the desired accuracy.


Thanks Larry
this indicator is only 1 inch move

What I do is securely mount the dial indicator at a measured distance and then use the dial indicator reading for fine adjustment.


It is very good for tramming the spindle, mounting it to a rotating arm so one can pivot underneath the spindle.

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