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Calibrating my X-carve 1000

**To anyone an help with My “X-Carve 1000 mm”
I have had my x carve since about March of Seventeen. I talked with Inventables, I had heard there were new updates we could purchase. I was told no new up date were needed with my machine.
To anyone who can help, please,
About a week ago, I started to have issues with my calibration of the machine. I did all of the things suggested. I tightened up all the belts, and re-leveled the machine. I did all I could think to do. I went on line and looked at several videos on how to calibrate. Not being a wiz kid at math 60 years ago, I have had a bit of trouble understanding exactly what to do. My machine runs short or both the “X” and the “y” directions. Meaning: The X axis should go to center for a 15’’ cut and the Y axis should Center on a 9.5" cut. The X axis, will travel to a near .25’’ to the right side of the project and travel to the left side to a near .75 in of the project. I have Checked my measurements over and over to be sure I am right.
I hope I have described my issue so it may e understood and there may be some help for an old wanna bee C N C operator.
Thanks, Frank

I have had my machine lose all it settings a number of times. Here is a video on how to calibrate your machine.

The calibrations for accuracy are basically zeroing in on the steps per mm for the axes. Your machine has to be mechanically adjusted first, which you have done. It’s just a ratio of two numbers. What you want/ what you get. You multiply that by the number in the $100 and $101 for the x and y axis. For instance if you want x to go 10mm and it goes only 9mm, then 10 / 9=1.111 and you’d multiply that by the number you now have set for $100. It requires an accurate measuring device and you may have to do it a few times to zero into the most accurate setting.

To view your settings in GRBL, you’d enter $$ in the console line. In Easel, you’d go to machine/advanced/machine inspector. You will see the console line box.

I don’t use easel, but UGS does the same thing. You just enter $$ in the command line and a window with all the GRBL settings comes up. Then to change one (as an example the x axis steps per mm) you type $100= " whatever number you need" and hit enter.

I’d write down what you have now so you can always go back if things go haywire.


Mr. Mcclary,
Your response is greatly needed and appreciated. I will look into at my first opportunity. I am grateful for the means by which you have stated the material to me without to much jargon. I believe I can do the calibration. I think my Z axis is very close. I will check that, also.
Thanks for your help,

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This is very well put together. Exactly what I was looking for.

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