Calibration Issue

Howdy… My xcarve is doing a great job carving… but it won’t center up on my board. It look great in the computer layout… I zero it out in the bottom left corner of the board… on the computer… and then on the actual board. Carving is great… but it doesn’t match the computer layout. The centering
Is off but 1/2 inch on the Y axis. If I calibrate it… will this screw the carving off at all.

Do your material dimensions in Easel exactly match the actual dimensions of the stock?

Yes Neil… my board measured 7.25 x24. So… I made sure in easel that my demension size was exactly the same. The image carved fine… but my border and the image was not centered on the board… in fact about 1/2 inch off on the y axis. It looks perfect on the rendered image…centered on the board. But …it did not carve out that way. By the way…I zero out on the bottom left corner. Works great… just not centered.
Thanks… Chuck

Hey Chuck,
Any chance you could upload an image of what carved and share your project?
Possible you might be zeroing inside your corner instead of on it?
Are the dimensions of your design accurate? Like is a square in the design the same as in the carve, especially in Y.

Neil… I hate to admit how stupid I was… One of my internet friends… Russell… pointed out to me that my board was 7 1/4 inches and I had my easel set to 7.50 … not 7.25 . Bend me over and kick me through the goalpost of life!!! I was looking for something much more complicated… and didn’t notice the simple thing. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I will try to be more careful. I tried the carve a second time… and it carved perfect.

Thanks again… and please accept me apologies… Chuck Lyons Akron, Ohio

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