Calibration of the system

Did not find such a topic, besides fixing some screws and belts etc.
That is why I ask this one here.

When I do a project that needs lets say some openings for plywood of a specific thickness it never comes out right, always not wide enough. Right now I had a small project that should be done from 4mm plywood, and openings for it in the project in inkscape measure exatly these 4mm. I carved the items on 3.6mm plywood (1/8 of an inch), one would assume it should fit, but it did not.

I also used the trick with defining a circle with 4mm and overlayed this over the structure in easel (to check for correct measures while measuring is a missing feature in easel), and it matched exactly.

Another recent thing: a buttom plate for a round tube was supposed to be 8.75cm, since the tube it has to be glued on was of that diameter. I set it up to this, came out 8.55cm. Did not match. Drove me nuts.

That happened already in the past some times. Thought was my mistake, but now I think there is something wrong with the settings.

So the XCarve does not exactly translate measures in the project to the workpiece, and there is no tool anywhere where that can be adjusted, as far as I know at least.

All projects that have measures relative to each other come out precisely and nice, but when precise absolute measures have to be carved the item fails. It just does not reproduce the project measures.

How to fix?

The maximize precision you must have a calibrated step/mm value for each axis. Take a pine point V-bit and a lon ruler, place the ruler along each axis and do a long jog. For Xmm jog command is the travel exactly = X or is is X +/- some?

As the Xcarve is not a rigid machine (no hobby machine really is) the mechanics will deflect a small amount, creating undersized pockets and oversized outlines.

As your deviaton from nominal size increase on larger parts thats an indication of not precisely calibrated step/mm values in GRBL.
You need to check and verify this :slight_smile:

I think so too. Will do some testing. Is there any way to calibrate the xcarve, to adjust GRBL settings?

This video helped me calibrate my XCarve.

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that was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Russell, there always will be a fresh drawn Espresso (one of the best you certainoy ever had…) available for you.

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