Calibration off mode 3d models?

Hi! Looking for a little help. I downloaded a thingiverse model of a moose that I saw on xcarve instragram. It’s a simple moose model with slices on xyz axis’. I successfully cut the slices, but when putting it together see the width is wrong? If I assume the model is made correctly, this points at my machine not being calibrated very well? Any pointers on who to ts this? It’s not that I’m so interested in a moose model ha, I’d like to learn CNC and have it working right for future projects, thanks for help

Could you post pics of the slices and link to the moose. I will check the 3d model for issues.
Also what software are you using to cut with.
We need to know what sort of set up you have so we can understand what the issue may be.

Hi! Thanks. I think the problem is perhaps with the size of the slots where it should fit together. My plywood is .6 inches thick. So I guess I either have to use the same thickness of material as the svg was designed for? Easel doesn’t just change it?