Calibration time - how to access GRBL from a Mac?

I’m in the final stages of x-carve calibration, and need to adjust my steps/mm - over a 750mm travel path I am consistently 0.75 of a mm out on my X axis.

There’s a bunch of troubleshoots on this forum and Youtube demonstrating how to adjust the steps/mm coding, but i’m not finding a critical step - how to access GRBL from a Mac.

I’m all ears if you have the solution :slight_smile:

What sender are you using? (What’s the program you use to commuicate with your X-Carve?)

Hi Neil. I’m using Easel.

Go to Machine --> Advanced --> Machine Inspector. In the console, type $$ to retrieve the current grbl settings. The steps/mm for the X-axis is the value of the $100 parameter. To change it just type $100 = (whatever new value you want), and it should respond with ‘ok’. You can check if you want again by typing $$. Those values are stored in non-volitile memory, so changes will persist across power downs and resets.

Brilliant!!! Thank you so much :sunglasses:

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No problem!