Calibration tips?

So just trying to figure out what I need to fix machine wise to get up and running all motors have blue loctite and flush.

I did v carve with a 90 degree bit
50 feed rate
51% step over
.1 flat depth
Done in MDF

I’ve tightened all belts, all v wheels. Just wondering what I could be missing.
I’ve done 3 runs after each tightening. Only play I have in machine is z axis, but could this much throw it off??


I may be wrong but a 51% stepover seems like slot . But I agree with using an endmill for calibration .

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Diameter was .49 to be exact measurement. I just had 51% stepover thinking half of bit size. I will perform with endmill when I get home.

That seems normal for a .1 flat tip v-bit and a 51% step over.

Phil - I agree not normal for what should be used.

I mean his result seems normal if he used the settings listed in the op. 90 Deg v-bit, 51% step over and .1 flat depth. If he used those settings, I would expect the ridge seen in the middle of the cut.

Wow - at 39 my eyes already suck!!

You are correct sir!

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So I came home and tried doing it again. Here are my settings. I tried one time again with v bit real quick

Sean, have you already run a circle-square-triangle calibration test? It’s hard to tell but it looks like your tool paths are not as fluid as they should be. Especially that circle in the center of the ‘O’.

A quick search for ‘calibration’ in the forum will provide you a wealth of information on troubleshooting.

Glad you got the problem resolved! Never fun seeing a calibration pattern come out that, um, horrifying.

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i had that happen on my machine. its because the belt was misaligned. luckily the little flange just popped back on.