Camera Angle (3D Side)

I have thought about this feature for awhile now and never thought to request it or see if there was interest from anyone else.

When viewing my workpiece on the 3D (preview) side of easel I often like to try and zoom in to see how many passes certain areas will be. The angle at which the camera stops can sometimes make this difficult especially when dealing with small carves.

Im just curious if it would be possible to allow the camera angle to drop down to the zero plane allowing us to view our works profile?


do you have a 3 button mouse that you are using

left mouse button = 3d view
center click wheel = 2d view

I am not sure I am explaining it right but use all the buttons on your mouse to change the camera angle and you can see everything I struggled at seeing those things also until i figured that out lol

Hmmm, thanks for the response! I’m actually on a Laptop (macbook) and using a trackpad… I’ll have to try some things haha. Thanks again!

hmm yeah I am not sure how you would do it on a trackpad maybe stick your tongue out as you right click lol

Not sure if we’re talking about the same thing, but try holding Shift while clicking. It will allow you to Pan, just like clicking the scroll wheel on a three button mouse.

right click should just be tapping with 2 fingers.

Also look into three finger dragging and shift dragging