Camera Slider Help

Pretty big noob here…

I purchased the maker slider kit and now I need some help with getting the controller setup.
I purchased a seed studio’s motor shield v2, and a seed tft touch shield.

I loaded the test stepper code i found from seed but the motor just makes a sound and doesn’t move. As if its not getting enough power. i do not have an external power hooked up but the motor should run off the 5v from usb right?

Does anyone have any sketch examples they can provide?

Ultimately i would like to have it setup with the touch screen allowing me to select different programs or functions. Like the program here:

I have been digging but cannot find any “Simple” information on the wiring for the stepper motor and the motor board. As in put black wire in output 1, green wire in output 2, etc.

I would be willing to pay someone if they have or can write code (Rewrite the code linked above) to control the motor with the tft touchscreen menu.

Found some more info on the shield.

Pin used: D8 to D13 have been used for motor shield.

No clue which pin outs are what though. They just mention the colors for the motor in their example and not what they are supposed to be connected to.

The stepper motor defiantly needs a power supply other than the USB. The actual power requirements depend on your motor . A NEMA 17 four wire needs 12V rated voltage (you can drive it at a lower voltage, but the torque will drop) at 350mA max current.

I have the nema 14. I played around some more and got it working somewhat. I moved all of the wires around testing and I got the motor to spin but it only spins one direction, stops, then spins the same direction again. I believe it should rotate 1 direction, stop, then spin the opposite direction. another wiring issue?

I found the docs on the motor and it says the pairs are: {blue+red} {Black+green}

the board outs:Out 1 and Out 2(Out 3 and Out 4) connect Motor A(B) for DC Motor.

So i assume 1 pair to out 1 and 2, and the other pair to out 3 and 4…???

@MathewBarndt in general those types of motor drivers are not the best for stepper motors. For a smooth camera slider you want a driver that can do microstepping. You will probably want to implement acceleration to for smoothest operation.

Thanks for the advise.

Is there any recommended shields?

And any insight on any arduino code to control it?

I bought the following from ebay:

It works very good, had the latest code uploaded already and you can completely control it via the universal GCode sender or by Arduino code. If you PM me I will send you some very basic samples of Arduino code. .

I just ordered the stepper driver from inventables.

So until i get that in the mail I will try to keep working on the code part using the current driver.

Does anyone have any example code for the DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier, High Current sold by inventables?