Camera to watch from office

I am making 157 outlet covers and switch covers for a log cabin interior. I think watching that thing for hours and hours causes brain damage!! So I installed a camera to babysit from my upstairs office. Leaving that little critter alone is asking for trouble in my humble opinion. You young folk probably are way ahead of me and are already doing this but I can be Captain Obvious.



I purchased the Wyze camera after someone suggested it. Got it for $32 @ Home Depot. Great price and works really well.

I finally got one, too, (off Amazon) … in winter I don’t mind hanging around it and checking in but in summer I’m outside so much that it’s nice to have the camera to keep an eye on it.

You can also use an old cell phone as a camera for free


Increase your fire insurance, too. Can happen (has happened) in an instant. IMHO.

I think about that … then also think I don’t sit across from my dryer when it runs, watch the stove and toaster every minute they’re on, etc. etc. and “it happens” with those, too.

Yikes on that video. Everyone should watch it.

But I argue back a little in that with little effort I could find similar related to driers, stoves, toasters, space heaters, furnaces, lighting fixtures, pool pumps, etc. etc. etc.

And we don’t sit and stare within arms reach of those for the full time they run.

Or is the thought that a CNC machine is closer to being a candle or grill or turkey fryer … very high risk and needs essentially constant supervision?

All that said, I have always had a dedicated fire extinguisher in my shop.

That question that asks if your material is secured…best to answer that correctly the first time.

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I pray you never need that fire extinguisher.
I will close out my comments by asking: “Is the risk worth it?”
I can only answer for myself and my family.

Oh, I get it and am inclined to agree.

Life is risk assessment and we humans aren’t so good or consistent at it, but we do our best.

I know a couple who would LOVE to drive out to Glacier National Park but won’t because of the grizzly bear danger. Of course, they overlook the obvious and most prevalent danger … the car ride across 6 states … to focus on something unobvious and rare.

We’re all funny that way.


I have a camera, and often go down stairs to eat or relax,
But have my eye on the monitor all the time.
I also run TeamViewer, so I have remote access to the keyboard,and can do a remote emergency shutdown.

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I have a 6 hour carve in the works I know I won’t be sitting next to it for that time. as far as the video is concerned I would start by asking why they hadn’t cleaned the area in the last 6 months and why the piece had not fixings to the base board. we have to start these things with a little common sense surely? I agree with drew in that I don’t sit and watch my dryer or cooker but I do clean the crap out of the way before use!

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I am the OP. The video is what it is whatever that is. The thought behind my getting a camera was to actually babysit the xcarve from a more comfortable and quiet location. I have no doubt bad stuff can and will happen. I only use wood clamps with nylon machine bolts. If you have not crashed you xcarve into something raise your hand! I just finished 131 pine switch/outlet wall plates for a customer. Te camera was a nice addition. BTW, my camera has sound so any strange sounds and I scurry to the shop.

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out of interest what camera do you use GordonStump?

To add to this conversation, I use an old iPhone with a unique apple ID to face-time with. In the iPhone settings, you can set it to auto answer immediately or after a few rings. So my “camera” stays put, allowing me to check in at anytime from anywhere.

You don’t need an active phone and FaceTime. Here is a video on it

Phillip, That’s a great point. There are apps out there and many ways of doing this. The point I was making is that you don’t need an app or cell connectivity to the phone monitoring the xcarve. You only need WiFi and an apple ID associated with that phone. What many people don’t realize is that two old phones using only WiFi can face-time one another without cell connectivity. I found this to be a good solution to re-purpose one of my old iPhones in the junk drawer.

Thank you for the explanation. I did not realize that. Thank you. That is excellent information

If you have WI-fi Any web cam will work. There are apps for both iphone and android that will monitor over WI-fi.