Can a 2 stage cut be sent to UGS?

I recently relocated my x-carve from my garage, where the wifi was, out to a larger shop in the back yard. Since there isn’t any internet in the new location I’ve downloaded Universal G Code Sender so I can set up the carves in the house then carry the laptop out. My question is this, if I set up a two stage cut in easel will it make sense to UGS or does the G code that’s generated for export to UGS only work for a single stage cut and soI need to export two different G codes. One for a rough cut and one for a detail cut? Not exactly sure lol…

I use UGS and do s-stage cuts, when you export the g-code you’ll get two different files. Rough cut is the first and the Detailed is the second. Open them up in that order in UGS.

UGS also has a job/work (phrasing might be off) manager, where you can load multiple g-code/nc files in the order you want to run them and it will load the files in that order (your will have to start them).

Sounds simple enough, thanks for the quick and accurate reply my friend.

My shop is several hundred feet away from my house, but because the shop is fed from the house service I was able to use these ethernet over power line adapters quite successfully to get the Internet to the shop:

TRENDnet Powerline ethernet adapter

What PeterRay86 said. Don’t forget to reset Z between the cuts when you change the bit. Another thing is it helps to take note of your work XY 0 once you set it first time, I have had UGS not release machine control after a job finishes and I have to disconnect & reconnect. I can then rehome machine then jog to my noted work XY 0 and set work 0.