Can an outline cut be wider than the bit?

I’m cutting 3/16" 6061 aluminum plate with a 1/8" carbide 2-flute flat end-mill and very conservative settings (10"/min feed, 3"/min plunge, .006" per pass). My Fill cuts are all wider than the bit and the cut quality is excellent. The cut quality of my Outline cuts deteriorate past 1/8" depth. Is there a way in Easel to make the Outline cut wider than the bit so that makes two overlapping passes? I’m thinking chip clearing is the problem and a wider cut area will allow chips to clear.

As an example for a part 4 inches OD make on circle fill at depth of material 4.375 or 4.5.
Then create a fill circle of the desired diameter 4.0 but depth of 0 and bring it to front.
This will create a circular pocket wider than your bit but with ID of what you need.

Won’t I lose my tabs if I do it that way?

I just tried that and all I have to do is manually position the tabs from the two cuts. This should work. Thanks!

I never thought about the tabs but am glad you were able to still use them.