Can anybody create 3D for me?

I need Torah scroll in 3D
if any takers, I’ll share more info

Wouldn’t be THAT hard, I’d think…

I have a pic
can this be made in 3d.

Something like what is here?

As a really quick first cut, how does this look? I apparently can’t attach a STEP file here, so I’ve hosted it on GDrive.

I like both and both might work, but I’d go with DanBrown version I think.
I’ll explain, we make concrete, artificial stone,…
I want to make a present for a friend, so I need torah 3D so I can cut out and make a mold from it, so I can make concrete one.
Looks great Dan, but can it have wave on scroll? can you please change the side but keep tilted as is? :smile:I want to make one stone as a pedestal and torah laying on, so tilt is perfect.
what will be measurements? I’m looking for something around 18x18 stone and I think top of torah should be modeled on 4 inch deep and bottom on 2 inch. What you think?
I would love to compensate your time as well Dan, if that’s appropriate.

Oh, this is a solid model, so you can place it in whatever orientation you wish. I just have shown it here in a standard isometric view for the rendering. :smile:

I can add the “wave” to the top and bottom of the ‘paper’ easily enough. From tip-to-tip of the spindles, the dimension on the model is 27.5", and from outermost edges side-to-side it measures 19.4". This is a solid, though, so you can easily re-scale it to whatever proportional dimensions you like. If you would prefer, I can easily make this a more “square” look as well, instead of the taller-than-wide layout I have used initially.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by the two depths you’ve given, could you please clarify a bit? :smile:

Is this closer to what you’re looking for? This is version 2, I shortened it up from top to bottom to get it closer to a square profile, and I added a “wave” to the paper section. Also applied some colour, just because I could. :smile:

New GDrive Link Here

looks great.
if I cut to material boundary like this , how it come out, like half inch?

This is a solid model, not a shaded graphic. If you cut this in, say, MeshCAM, you can make it whatever size you wish to scale it to. :smile:

i use Vcarve and UGS no mashcam here.

Ok, how I can get file?

VCarve should be able to handle it just fine as well, this will be a “3D” operation. You will need to make your own split for draft angles, of course, I have no idea your requirements there. :smile:

You can get the file by just clicking on the link in my last post, that will take you to the G-Drive location where it is stored and you can download it from there. The forum does not allow direct upload of model files, unfortunately.

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Dan you have total noob here :smile:
I don’t think I understand what that means.
18x18 2 inch deep will be my model torah.
I try to download it comes as PNG file.
vcarve can’t see it as 3d ( you know how Vcarve has 3D clipart? you can just choose and cut.

thank you for your time.

Click the link that says “New GDrive Link Here” and it will take you to the Google drive folder, then, just hit the “download” button to download the .STP file. :smile:

Your problem machining this, of course, will be that there are under-cuts, meaning that you’ll have to machine it in two parts if you want to be able to cast it. :slight_smile: This is not a “3D clipart” file, this is an actual solid model.

Dan, Thank you, I figured it out. had to download, open and export as .stl and than get in Vcarve as model.
let me play with it for a day or two and I’ll get back to you.
pm me please with your info, I like to donate some $.

actually, can you please change wave?
as is on my picture, so surface be flat when I cut, but looks like wave

I can do that, no problem at all. Actually somewhat easier to do! This is on my other system, so I will do it tomorrow morning and post it up again. :smile:

Here you go, I’ve flattened the sheet out again, and added cuts at the top and bottom to give it a 2D “wave” shape like the picture has. This results in some odd intersections at the corners (since the ‘paper’ part doesn’t actually reach all the way to the ends of the rolls, given the way it has to be cut off to achieve that shape) but it should work just fine since you are not showing the back of the part anyway.

I’ve also changed the file type from STEP to STL, so you shouldn’t have to do a conversion this time. Sorry, I hadn’t thought of that before, I just always have used STEP files for my exports since they carry the part structure across with them and can be modified, where a STL can’t. :smile: