Can anyone build me Reliefs?

I’m a newbie, but would like do carve out some reliefs on my Carvey. Is there anyone out there that would be interested in selling me some reliefs g-code. I will be wanting wild life stuff like

It depends, what would you be looking for?

Try this place.

Right now I am looking for something simple like a horse face or pig, something not to involve, I just want to practice and see how the machine does. If you already have something that I could test out, that would be awesome.
Thanks, Don


Not able to help you with your issue, but just a heads up. Not sure if you’re aware or not, but you are broadcasting your email address to whoever is set to receive notifications of posts made on any of these boards, in place of just your name.

If this is what you intend, by all means ignore this. :slight_smile:

Hi Ryan my email is so it would be best if we communicated that way, I’m having trouble emailing back and forth through the forums, I keep getting warning messages, and don’t understand what its saying.
OK I have a sample picture of a Pig but it could be anything else. I just noticed I’m not able to upload it. I’m not sure what specs you need being as I’m a newbie here. I would be doing this Relief job on my Carvey, my limits are 8" by 11.5" so I would need to keep it in those parameter’s and I would be using a 1/8 inch bullnose bit on pine or other if you recommend.
If you can help that would be great and ready to reimburse you if its not to expensive.

Thanks much

Thank you for the link to Vector Art 3D. Are you using it with your Carvey? and if so could you help me out. I donwnloaded the program, I think I loaded the post processor right but not sure. I then fallowed the tutorial step by step, saved my test design in gcode inches. I then went to carvey and loaded the gcode in and it acted like everything was working right except when I went to carve it said there was nothing to carve. Do you have any thoughts on that? And if so could you reply to me at my email

I don’t have a Carvey. In fact I don’t currently have any CNC machine. I have been doing a lot of research into CNC prior to purchase. My intent at this point is to eventually order a 1000 x 1000 X Carve, and perform all of the axis mods during the build stage. I found the website I posted while doing my research. It was the only website that I found so far that has files available for projects that I want to do (military stuff). So I apologize, in that I cannot help you with your Carvey questions. I will leave that to the folks here in the forum that have a ton more experience than I do.