Can anyone confirm Easel is working Friday 9/4/2015 3:07pm EST..?

Easel won’t Carve. I’ve had a properly functioning machine for months now. Today when I hit “Carve”, it does nothing and then asks me how the job went. Answer–It didn’t went at all.

I feel Easel is down right now. I haven’t been able to even get the site to load today. @paulkaplan comments?

It is loading for me:

It loads and runs for me.

Loading is one thing. It loads for me too. But go all the way through the process, and try to run a job.

Hmm this is strange. All I get is this:

Rusty, I had the same error this morning. I just got off the phone with the Inventables team. There was a bug and they said it has been fixed, but you should restart your browser first.

Probably a good idea, but what about all my open tabs!! I’ll have to re-open all of them, this sounds like a lot of work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, I know. I had a project that just didn’t save at all. It wouldn’t display the name of the project in the tab either. I had to suck it up and say bye to it and build it again.

Ya I’m using Chrome. I just went and clicked re-open closed tabs. All is good.