Can Anyone Confirm The Contents of the XCarve Toolkit Please?


I have just opened up the boxes to my new XCarve (Fully Loaded 1000mm), and after looking through everything the toolkit seems to have an empty section on one side.
It has assorted spanners on the left, and a zip pouch in the middle with some safety glasses. On the right there is an elasticated strap which seems like it should contain something else which isn’t present, so could somebody that got the kit tell me if I’m missing something please?

I purchased everything from as I am from the UK, but everything was in unopened inventables boxes so I’m guessing that if something is missing, it came to robosavvy like this.

Obviously this isn’t going to hold back my build (a lack of spare time might), but its good to get what you pay for.


That’s great guys, thanks for the info.

So it is only a couple of small screwdrivers/Allen keys that I am missing, which is no big deal.

To be honest if I had the option I wouldn’t have got the toolkit at all (as I too have multiples of everything in it already), but I didn’t have the choice unfortunately as the purchase options from the UK supplier are more limited than on inventables site.

The only thing I didn’t get was the wasteboard as the pricing on this is kind of crazy considering the price of a full sheet of mdf. Also it would not have been an inventables branded board (just plain old mdf), as the UK supplier has them made up locally.

I am going a different route wasteboard wise anyway, but I will do some kind of build thread when I get going which will show any deviations from the stock kit.


FWIW, we list the tools, and a description of usages / matching connectors and options at:

I don’t believe the X-Carve introduces any new ones — if it does, please mention it in this thread and I’ll work out a way to get them added.

Thanks for that.
To be honest the “which tool for which job” wasn’t really a problem though as I have everything I need already, it was just that there was obviously something missing from the toolkit but I wasn’t sure what. Angus provided a link to his build thread above which has a nice picture/list of the toolkit contents, and from that I can see I’m only missing a couple of screwdrivers and some allen keys.

From looking through the XCarve instructions, it would appear that you are correct that the XCarve does not need any extra tools on top of those required for the Shapeoko 2. If I come accross any though I will post back here

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