Can anyone help please! - SOLVED, axes mixed up

can anyone help me to get my x carve working correctly I finaly got it up and running but for some reason its only making little squares I have tried everything that I could think of I olso tried getting tech supprt on the phone but still no call back has this ever happened to anyone else before?

Using easel? Pictures? Need some additional information

yes im using easel!!

what is your pattern?
in Easel
Click File - then share
then copy the share URL and paste it here.

Check your wiring. It almost looks like you have your Z and X axes swapped.

Would my x control turn on even if the wires were wrong inside of it? Because outside everything looks right. I took my time and made sure to put it together like the instructions said.

Done! Thank you you were right! I really appreciate your help

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That’s why this forum is great! Everyone is willing to help. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. But problem solved. Outstanding!!

Glad it was a simple fix!

Thanks for the feedback, might help others in the future. :slight_smile: