Can anyone recommend a shaping end mill with a chamfer for alumimnum?

So as posted Can anyone recommend a shaping end mill with a built in chamfer? I am looking to cut a rectangle out of 3/16 aluminum with a 1/4" bit but instead of changing bits and doing a second pass to create a chamfer on the edge I am hoping to find a single bit that can do both. Any ideas?

Probably right, I did find some for foam and hardwood but not aluminum

If you are using Aspire, it can use your endmill to make a chamfer. Pretty sure you can do the same in Fusion 360

carbide Vbit for wood works just fine.

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Thanks Allen, that sounds interesting. Not sure how that would work unless you had a 5 axis. :slight_smile:

I Was looking for something like this but it is for wodd and foam,. I might try one and see.

Shane, that is what I have been using but it requires a bit change, This is another bit I am looking at.

Aspire and Vcarve Pro have a gadget that shapes a chamfer the same way it would make any 3D cut, using a small ball nose tool.

OK thanks for that, it makes more sense. I am however trying to find a bit that will cut through 3/16 aluminum and create a bevel at the same time in one pass or

search for carbide chamfer end mills…and proper shank size for ya also