Can anyone share with me the preferred 270oz stepper upgrade?

I’m curious what model, impedance, and vendor everyone recommends for the 270oz steppers? I’ve searched and found several different models and vendors. Is there any consensus? 270oz 2.8a, does any work? Also seen a few different wire counts.

Also, has anyone made a reasonable priced direct drive mount for a 270oz on the factory z?

I bought these:

Their inductance is lower than other similar torque motors which means they work better at 24V than others.

I have zero problems.

As for the stock Z, the only issue is the height from the Xcarriage to the Z plate. Using standoffs and screws, you can flip the motor so it goes up away from the carriage instead of down towards it.

I warn you though, in my opinion, you’ll get no better performance with the stock Z axis with a bigger motor.

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That’s what I was wanting to know, if I should before upgrading to a linear z. Thanks.

I just got the same steppers Justin posted. Got them in last week with my linear Z, 2” lift, and 9mm belt upgrade

This may be a dumb question, but Is there an easy way to connect these motors to the stock cables? They just have bare wires coming out of them, where the stock motors have a female connector. Should I just solder them together?

If I were to keep the female connector I would simply cut them off the old motor and solder it to the new motor wires.
Take note of the pinout of the donor motor and match that for the new one.

I haven’t seen any cheap generic ones with lower inductance value than 3.5mH.
These should be easy enough to find on Ebay/Amazon from around 20bucks.