Can anyone take a look at this please?

I’m kind of ready to make my first project( for my friends restaurant in NY) :smile:

when I import my SVG files to easel it gives me this screen:

My Q is: should I change anything i that settings? (if yes what and how)
I thought I have already done all settings in vCarvePro when I created svg file(didn’t I?)

You did not share that design.

The SVG file only has geometry, no info on feeds or speeds.

ok, so I can give feed and speed from that tab.
now another Q: what about 90 degree v bit? it’s not in choices of bits to choose from easel(when you hit Carve, after steps)

Nope. Easel does not support v-bits yet.

You can calculate a depth to “fake” it. 1/32" deep would be 1/16" wide, 1/16" deep would be 1/8" wide.