Can contact paper stick to spray ink?

I’m doing a project with plywood where I want it to be white text cut into a red board. I shot the board with Marsh’s red spray ink but my contact/masking paper won’t stick to it when I cut the text. I tried it with a sanding sealer and then some clear coat (before & after sanding), but no matter what the contact paper just barely sticks.

Unfortunately it’s a multi-piece project and the main part is already cut, sprayed with the same color of spray ink & finished, so using a different finish isn’t my preferred path. :wink:

Anyone have any experience with this and have some tips?

Maybe think about doing the carve first, then spraying the letters white, then rolling red over the top surface???

The spray ink is in an aerosol can like spray paint, and the red has to go on in several coats to cover well. Even if I could roll it, it’d probably be pushing down into the white lettering a good chunk.

What about using an ink brayer?

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I if you’re using an end mill to make your cuts, purchase a downcut end mill instead. I had the same problem with contact paper until purchasing a downcut end mill. Instantly fixed the contact paper problem and it no longer lifted at the edge of the cut. Nice clean crisp masking now with that type of end mill.

I love it when I learn something new! I will have to give that a try, though I do question how well it’d cover. I sure wish the contact paper would just do its job & stick. :wink:

I was using a v-bit. It’s text & I would be trying to match the text on the rest of the piece. Definitely worth a shot though!

@MikePlummer look for drillman1 on ebay. He has pretty good deals on downcut end mill bits. I was skeptical at first when someone else told me that this will work but I’m not a believer.

I cut a lot of plywood so I have a lot of down cuts, but I do need to finally check out his store.