Can Easel be used on a Shapeoko3

OK guys, I see the parameters… but how do you enter these new codes. Thru CM sending codes? Help please?

You can send settings using the MDI in Carbide Motion — presumably Easel has similar functionality.

Your difficulty is most likely caused by Easel overwriting the Shapeoko 3 settings with those for an X-Carve — the notable difference is the number of steps for the Z-axis — see the Carbide 3D documentation on how to resend the settings to get back to the defaults. You may be able to use Easel as a G-Code sender if you can keep it from re-sending the settings.

As folks have noted, most folks who use Easel with machines other than an X-Carve write out G-Code and use some other communication / control program — Carbide Motion for example will work with said files.

First, do you have a successful connection between Easel and S3?
If you in Easel click Carve (top right) and using the jog panel, do the S3 move?

If yes then measure the actual travel vs commanded travel for each axis.
You can edit the GRBL settings by opening Machine Inspector (CTRL+SHIFT+D on PC) and in the Console window write for instance $101=50 and press Enter. This change the step per mm value for the Y axis to 50. A reset of the controller may be required for it to take effect.

If commanded value was 100mm and the actual travel was 50mm then the formulae for the new value is:
(Current step/mm value * commanded travel ) / actual travel
Edit this new value as mentioned above.

Douglas, have you posted what is the correct code? Just finished setting up my Shapeoko XXL and would love to be able to use Easel.

Thanks in advance

Do you know if Douglas ever posted the correct code that allowed him to use Easel with Shapeoko 3 XXL?

@FrankFinch Do you want to use Easel to send the jobs? Or are using Easel to create toolpaths and using Carbide Motion to control the machine?

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I’d like to use Easel to create and then send to Carbide Motion. I’d like to be able to control the CNC using Easel as well, but it seems as thought that’s not possible. I’ll take what I can get.

You can do both.
To use Motion, just export your gcode from Easel and load it into Motion.
To use Easel, just connect and carve.

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