Can Easel be used on other CNC machines?

A simple guy here and using Easel for my hobby design work. I currently use the X-carve machine but thinking to upgrade to a larger sturdier machine with larger dimensions than inventables has to offer… Can I design in easel and then use this design on another CNC machine?

Is there another software program that is as easy to use as easel?


You can if you connect an Xcontroller to your new machine. Also, others can weigh in, but using Easel is about as simple as it gets. There are other programs out there so it depends on how much experience you have with those apps to determine just how ‘easy’ they are compared to other apps.

Yes, Easel will work for other CNC machines. If your CNC machine is GRBL based, it may be able to directly run the machine. If not, you can export the G-code that Easel produces and run that on your machine with a G-Code sender.

I do this with all my Easel work because I run a Tehcno Isel DaVinci III and a LInkSprite.

It is also possible to go the other way and create G-Code with other software that you then import into Easel. If you go that route you will not be able to use Easel’s G-Code preview, but it will cut your design.

Yes, you can create a project with Easel and then use it with another CNC machine. There are also other famous software programs with more advanced features, such as Fusion 360, Autodesk Inventor, and Vectric Aspire.