Can Easel control multiple Carveys/X-Carves?

If I have more than one machine connected by USB to my computer, can Easel send gcode to whichever machine I choose? If so, is there a limit on how many machines? If not how would I control multiple machines?

Hi Martyn,

Easel uses a local server called “Easel Local” to convert from Easel the web app down to info. being sent via a COM port (physical USB port).

So you could have two machines plugged in but could only control one at a time. Switching to a different machine would be as simple as running through machine setup and setting the COM port it’s on. If the machines are different then you’d have to do additional steps but less than a minute.

This applies to the current X-Carve. Not sure if there are changes coming for the Carvery.



If you are open to use additional software, running UGS (Universal GCode Sender) is the way to go.
Still use Easel for your CAD and CAM, but export your GCode to disk.
Start one instance of UGS for each machine you have and select the appropriate machine for that instance.
Load the GCode into UGS and carve away.

Are you looking for a method to mass produce a product, hence the need for multiple machines?
Or if each machine is geared towards a particular setup/task, Ian’s suggestion will work fine.

Thanks for both answers. My interest is purely theoretical at the moment. I’m just gathering info while I consider which way to go.