Can Easel cut this?

Can Easel create the g code so I can cut this out of 4"x4"x48" mdf stock?

If you import the gcode into easel, yes. You’ll have to modify the stock machine to cut a depth of 4 inches.

Ease will not be able to create the gcode for the curved bottom or the non vertical wall. You will need to use a program like Aspire or Fusion360 to make those complex shapes.

you could cut many slices of the profile and stack it up.

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Thanks, I may try DeskProto, anybody know if that will cut that profile?

what machine do you plan to run this on?

A 4’x4’x6" gryphon cnc.

I’ve been doing a lot of 3d with Estlcam. I’s very nice and a heck of a bargain.

Deskproto can do it.
MeshCam should as well (Its interface is very similar to DeskProto)

You may have to do this with 2 different bits.
To get a nice smooth curve on the bottom you will need a ball nose.
To get a nice 90 deg edge to the flat “ledge” part you would need an flat endmill. If you are okay with a slight curve to the angle (the radius of the ball nose bit you use) then you can use one bit for the whole thing.
(I hope this sketch helps)