Can Easel run well on a Raspberry pi?

I plan on using my X-Carve in a basement work space. After watching several videos of X-Carves running, as well as older videos of Shapeoko machines and similar cnc carvers working, they get VERY messy very quickly. I’d rather not expose my MacBookPro to that environment.

In the future, I’d like to set up a print server like Octoprint/OctoPi but for now, while I learn, I’d like to just be able to run Easel and my X-Carve without worry about gakking up my nice computer.

So, does a Raspberry Pi have the horsepower to run Easel and send the G-code without choking? I know Easel is web-based but are there any issues with running all the software on Linux?

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I wanted to do this myself also as I don’t want my Mac to get covered in dust.

The website loads, the 3d preview doesn’t work.
The local connector software doesn’t seem to be available on Linux ARM architecture.
So you would have to export it from Easel to G-code, then use a G-code sender.

Hopefully Raspberry Pi will be fully supported in a future version.

Check out this article over at Make Magazine about running Easel on the Pi