Can help me anyone

Is good or not ?
My x-carve 1000m

looks like you got the red and white turned around.
here’s mine.

So now you went me go back and look at the instructions.
My red and white are ALL turned around.
But it runs perfectly.
Now I’m missing something.

It doesn’t matter (white then red or red then white).

If you hook it up wrong, GRBL can compensate as long as you hook up the pairs properly (red and white together, black and green together). That’s why yours works @JanVanderlinden

But, follow the instructions!! and follow the Easel walkthrough and make sure everything moves in the right direction before trying to home the machine.

thanks for the reply.
I don’t want to hijack this thread, but it looks like he’s got it right.

What’s those white things and can I get them st lowes? The look so much cleaner

Wire ferrules, great improvement compared to naked wire strands.

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Thanks! Yeah looks good

Tidier for sure, but the electrical connection with ferrules is far superior to naked strands as no strand meet edge of screw. You get a better compression of the wires with better vibration resistance :slight_smile:

I get mine here.

Wire ferrules.

What series do you get? Also what do you recommend for back of gantry for the terminal blocks?

Thanks again

Single Insulated Wire Ferrule - AD05008
Single Insulated Wire Ferrule - AD10008
Twin Wire Ferrules - TD05008
Twin Wire Ferrules - TD10008

I used 22 and 18 gauge wire.

I used these. Some of the 0.1 pitch screw terminals do not have a large enough opening to accept these ferrules. Check your screw terminal openings.

I used the terminal strips that came with my kit. You can find generic ones that will fit the hole pattern on the gantry.

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