Can I cut this?

Does anyone have any experience with, or know if I can cut Unisub hardboard? If so, what bit can be used?

Absolutely you can cut this material. It is basically a melamine epoxy coated hardboard.
Best results would be obtained with a conservative cut speed of around 15 ipm, cut depths of .1in or less, and a dewalt router speed setting of 1.

What kind of bit would I use to cut? Thanks for the info!!

I usually ask a similar question… “should i have tried to cut that?” :):thinking:

What are you trying to do with the material, will determine the bit. Can you share with us what you are planning?


I haven’t cut hardboard (yet) but echoing @JosephFusari it would depend on what you want to get out of the final product.

My first though would be to use a downcut bit, to avoid any chance of chip out or “fraying” around the edges of the cut.

Well I’ve got a lady that’s wanting me to cut blank key chain designs so she can use her sublimation printer to put designs on them

Use a down cut spiral end mill bit of the desired diameter to achieve the cut you need for the cleanest cut.

Any bit that can cut MDF can also cut hardboard at the settings I provided.